HCY Student Leadership Team Application

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Our Student Leadership Team (STL) is for students in HCY who would be interested in stepping up as leaders in HCY! The STL will have opportunities for leadership on Wednesday evenings, be apart of HCY "dream meetings," and be able to serve alongside their peers on Wed nights (set up, tear down, check-in desk duties, & more). 

This is an opportunity for students to learn and practice their leadership skills, take ownership in HCY, and bring their own creativity to dreaming up HCY events and programming with HCY staff & leaders!
Your Faith


A Glimpse of a Student Leader:

• Have a personal relationship with Jesus
• Growing in their relationship with Jesus! 
• Living a life of personal integrity
• Lead by example - in person and through my social media!
• Regular church and youth ministry attendance
• Being on time and even early
• Encouraging
• Good listener
• Looks out for the “loners” in the group
• Willing to go outside of their normal group to talk to others
• Having a positive attitude
• Participates in a majority of the major events
• Willing to clean a toilet without complaint!!! 
• Excited about HCY and wanting it to grow!
HCY Student Leadership Team Commitment:

To Jesus
I acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ in my life and have a personal relationship with him.

To Gathering
I am committing to gathering with those involved in HCY.

To Growing
I am committing to growing in my relationship with Jesus!

Through the habits of:
-consistently spending time with Jesus
-being involved at church and HCY
-growing as a disciple of Jesus in my life

To Going
I am committing to going into my community and serving and loving others. This may include reaching out to my friends, sharing Jesus with them and inviting them HCY. 

To Honoring God
I am committing to choices, a lifestyle, and an attitude that is honoring to Jesus knowing my leadership is a model for others students.

To Time
I understand and commit that a SL must put in time to be an effective leader!

Student Leaders will commit to:

• Regular time spent growing in their faith
• Attending SLT meetings
• Praying for HCY youth ministry
• Attending HCY ministry events and regular programming including special events and trips
• Being 15 minutes early before the doors open
• Staying Late to help clean/and or assigned jobs

I agree to attend the student ministry team meetings, fulfill responsibilities and display an attitude of cooperation and humility to my peers, leaders and church family.

I understand it is my leader’s responsibility to hold me accountable to this which may result in taking a break if needed to get back on track.


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